Nuark's welding & fabrication department has earned the trust of many companies over the years and has developed an outstanding reputation for dependable deliveries maintaining very tight construction and maintenance scheduling all at competitive pricing. Our skilled, licensed welders have exceptional experience in working with a wide range of various steel projects.

Our equipment consists of:

  • 150 Ton 6-Axis Press Brake
  • 12’ x 40’ CNC Plasma/Oxy Cutting Table
  • 36” x 60’ Python CNC Plasma Beam Cutting Line
  • 36” OD x 40’ CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Line
  • 175 Ton Press Brake
  • 6’ x ¼” Roll Press
  • 120 Ton Iron Worker
  • Multiple Modern MIG and TIG Welders
  • Most Up To Date SolidWorks and AutoCAD Software
  • 23’ x 44’ Heated and Ventilated Paint Booth
  • 8’ x 8’ x 55’ Powder Coating Oven
CNC Pipe Processor CNC Press Break
CNC Python X Beam
Plasma Oxyacetalene Table
Plate Roll
CNC Python X Beam Line
Powder Coater
Powder Coat Booth
150 Ton 6-Axis Press Brake